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I’m David, a lover of the good food and the kitchen environment. Why have you come to my page! (please stay by the way!!), maybe you’re looking for ideas for a dinner party, maybe you’re a Dad and need to feed the kids, or maybe you have absolutely no idea what to do in the kitchen and need a lot of help!

I wanted a blog, that will give quality on all levels. Yes, I will be handing out recipes, it is a food blog after all!! But there is so much more than that in the kitchen. I’ll be talking about food, how to make full blown 3 course meals, meals for the family and basics for those students out there (we’ve all been there….haha)

I’m not a trained chef but I love food and being around the kitchen, and this blog will revolve around those core feelings. I struggled to make anything edible when I was younger (especially my University days!!), but I now feel competent in the kitchen.  Maybe you want advice about brewing a nice cup of tea, or maybe you want to brew beer at home!  You might be looking for really healthy food ideas as you want to get fit (don’t we all!!) or maybe you want food that makes you feel like a caveman and you deserve a medal after finishing……  You might not have any idea how to set an egg timer, or maybe you love kitchen gadgets and want to try the most up to date kitchen technology.  We all love gadgets in the kitchen!

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, but you’ve got to get out there and try. I’ll help you along the way!

If you want to boss the kitchen like a pro, then keep reading and sign yourself up for all my future blogs, recipes, videos and advice.


Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it….